Wystara was born in a glittering vision of broken glass and rusty nails, of sun rise performances in the out in the bush, and of the dreams of a girl finding her way in this world.

At it’s roots, Wystara hadn’t even been imagined yet – it was simply a dream. My dream to make my way through this life in the most magical, glittering, and imaginative way I could.

I started my journey with my fellow fiery pixies, followed my heart into the intoxicating world of sideshow as the Pain Proof Pixie, and let the magic run wild as I found my fairy & mermaid calling.

My background in fashion and costuming fuels Wystara’s curious and detailed aesthetic, decadent props and costumes, and my desire to transform the workings of my imagination into shared experiences.

As a child I dreamed of beautiful costumes, walking on my toes, and of sparkling under the bright lights of a big top. It’s this dream that I wish to share through what I do – through Wystara.